Alert Lens for Private cloud

Alert Lens ensures the health of your private cloud by identifying anomalies and their cause, enabling fast, accurate resolution with minimum false alerts. These workflows help service desks support a large number of applications with a much reduced mean-time-to-resolution (MTTR).


Taps monitoring data from both VMware and Splunk.

Provides application to infrastructure degredation analysis, identifying not just anomalies but their underlying cause.

Reduces MTTR by orders of magnitude.

Data Sources

Alert Lens for Private Cloud comes prebuilt with high performance data connectors to VMware, Storage and Splunk. This allows for Alert Lens to be integrated with existing enterprise monitoring flows and data lakes very easily. Alert Lens uses built in templates to take data from existing dashboards, or users can develop new templates as needed.


Anomalies detected by the Alert Lens AI models are forwarded directly to notification tools such as PagerDuty, Slack, or email. All alerts are maintained in a searchable database allowing users to review the alert history and drill down for deeper analysis on the activities that created the alert.

Alert Lens Templates

Alert Lens comes with a VMware template that comprehends the complex VMware clusters that are typically employed to provide scalability and reliability for applications. The template computes fourteen KPI’s for a VMware deployment and then automatically creates models for their behavior. In addition to gathering metrics, the configuration of the environment as seen by the VM’s is also gathered to provide degradation analysis.

Enterprises use Splunk as a data lake, storing data from many sources. In addition to storing the data, customers develop dashboards that provide insights based on the data collected. Alert Lens adds real time intelligence to the dashboards by automatically training models to the data displayed in the dashboards and then analyzing them.

Bolt Alert Lens Heat Map

Anomalies on Drilling Down

A series of anomalies is reported in VMware compute as reported in the Impacted Component column, and the VMware cluster is identified as the Contributing Component. Drill down is in the next image.
Anomaly is reported on “Application_6” at Jan 27, 9 am UTC on VMware Compute due to underlying Cluster/Host CPU Usage. Contributing Components column in table shows specific ESX hosts that are responsible for this anomaly.

Getting Started

Alert Lens is available as a set of containers that can be deployed easily in any VMware environment. Please contact Bolt at