Alert Lens for AWS

Alert Lens helps improve IT Operations for anyone using AWS services. Alert Lens delivers intelligent templates that reduce alert fatigue by significantly reducing false positives and providing root cause analysis.


Fits seamlessly into most monitoring solutions for AWS.

Self-learning models automatically pull data from existing monitoring tools.

Processes thousands of metrics in real-time.

Detected issues are communicated through email, PagerDuty, SNS, and Slack.

AI/ML Models Detect Anomalies in Real Time

Alert Lens achieves its accurate alerting using a combination of time series AI/ML models and pre-defined alert templates that cover most common AWS cloud services. The time series models developed by Bolt cover both single- and multi-variate analysis and are lightning fast in their inference. The speed of the models allows the service templates to incorporate dozens of KPI’s rather than the typical few, allowing for more accurate detection.

In a typical AWS application environment, monitoring data from the compute layer through the application, including from existing monitoring solutions, are fed to Alert Lens.

In a typical AWS containerized application environment, monitoring data from the compute layer through the containers, including from orchestration and existing monitoring solutions, are fed to Alert Lens.

Alert Lens combines existing monitoring data from the entire application stack, then uses real time AI/ML models to detect anomalies, avoiding most false positives to identify the cause quickly.

It also provides a dynamic forecasting module that helps IAC users predict requirements and spot problems ahead of time to make operations more proactive.

Alert Lens supports Prometheus, the de facto standard for gathering metrics data proposed by the CNCF foundation. Any exporter written for Prometheus may be used with Alert Lens to easily add intelligence to cloud monitoring.

Data Sources

Alert Lens taps a wide variety of data sources pertinent to monitoring AWS environments, including the monitoring tools themselves.


Anomalies detected by the Alert Lens AI models are forwarded directly to notification tools such as PagerDuty, Slack, email, or AWS’s SNS. All alerts are maintained in a searchable database allowing users to review the alert history and drill down for deeper analysis on the activities that created the alert.

The Alert Lens Template for EC2 along with fifteen other templates are provided for download and use as part of Alert Lens. In addition, users can develop their own alert templates or modify any of the existing templates to fit their envionments.

Alert Lens template for Prometheus EC2 exporter processes over 70 metrics.

  • Categorizes by CPU, Disk, Network
  • Deeper analysis by instance
  • Fast triage of issue or degradation

Create your own Alert Lens Templates.

  • Use Prometheus exporters with PromQL
  • Simply modify any existing Alert Lens Template

AWS Marketplace

Subscribe to Alert Lens with support for 1000’s of metrics for AWS infrastructure monitoring. Alert Lens is available in AWS Marketplace as a SaaS subscription and Free AMI

Saas subscription for up to 5000 metrics


Free AMI for up to 1000 metrics


Support available for larger environments.
Contact us for more info.