Introducing Alert Lens

Focus on what's important.
Real-time AI/ML intelligence for cloud monitoring without false alerts so you can focus on what’s important.

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Bolt Analytics offers AI/ML driven solutions for Data Analysis

We tap large volumes of disparate data sources and use machine learning and deep learning to deliver real time actionable insights.

Real-time actionable analysis

Detect and Forecast

Quickly find anomalous behavior to avoid down time. Improve planning using forecasting.

Intelligent Alert Templates

Intelligent monitoring on AWS without false alerts.

Centralize Operation Analytics

Improve service operations by analyzing data from multiple sources such as logs and metrics.

Alert Lens

  • Intelligent alerting of Grafana, Splunk, Prometheus, and AWS CloudWatch metrics
  • Highly adaptive time series models learn patterns, process large datasets rapidly and alert for anomalies
  • Alerts sent via email, PagerDuty, or Slack
  • Monitoring effectiveness dramatically improved
  • Solutions available for both AWS and Private Cloud


Broad Application Support

Bolt Alert Lens takes data from a wide set of sources which are then processed through either a standard or custom model for prediction and detection. This information is distributed for action to a variety of destinations.

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Fast analytics on Splunk data.


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