Scalable Realtime Analytics

Bolt’s scalable high-performance analytical engine provides a powerful set of deep learning and machine learning models for analyzing time series data, processing raw log and text data to reduce downtimes and shorten resolution time for infrastructure issues.

The open, pluggable architecture supports integration of third party and in-house developed tools for a more complete analysis of the infrastructure. The architecture consisting of a Client / Server model allows for flexible deployment with the server available in the Cloud and on-premises.

Bolt Client

Tap data where it lives into a high-performance ingestions architecture

Bolt Cloud

Purpose-built analytical server on-premises or in the cloud.

Pre-packaged set of learning models for unsupervised anomaly detection.

Multi variate deep learning models for better root cause analysis.

Support of NVdia’s DGX platform for increased scalability.

Queryable chat bot for self-serve analysis.