Tap Data Wherever it Resides

Bolt’s software design, development and support services are designed to customize the Bolt technology platform to solve our customers’ mission specific needs. Our software services provide access to our talented and experienced team of software developers trained on all the leading cloud services and key on-premises technologies. Our support engineers provide 24×7 services around the world. This combination allows us to deliver one of the most comprehensive and unique customizable solutions.

Example solutions Bolt has provided to customers:

Firewall log analysis and compliance

As enterprises migrate their applications to public clouds, there is a need for different compliance and analysis solutions. For one customer, on AWS, it was important to archive data from CloudTrail Logs, VPC Logs, DNS Logs and external Fortinet firewall logs. Together, this provides a complete access picture for the infrastructure from a compliance perspective.

Bolt architected processing pipelines that efficiently archive the above logs to Glacier for retention. Furthermore, we enhanced analysis from services like GuardDuty with analysis of firewall logs to provide a unique historical search analysis of the data for threat hunting.

Available for GCP, AWS, Azure and private cloud services where appropriate.

Cloud application infrastructure

Grafana is one of the most popular visualizations tools for monitoring infrastructure and other cloud metrics. Bolt leveraged its time series models with a connector to Grafana allowing the selection of any dashboard already in Grafana, adding intelligent analysis to detect anomalies. The containerized solution periodically takes data from the selected dashboards, applies our analytics, and publishes the results, either back in Grafana or to other upstream tools such as PagerDuty. This solution greatly reduces metric fatigue and the number of false alerts, dramatically improving monitoring effectiveness.

A single container version is available for free download. Please contact us if you are interested in trying that. Available for AWS, GCP.

Image analytics solution for healthcare organization

Inception models are the basis for several image-based analytics initiatives in the healthcare industry. Bolt customizes inception models with reinforcement of their images, or to completely train from scratch with labels for their own situation. Bolt will also provide data management solutions in the cloud through our access log solutions, which allow customers to create, manage and be compliant in the cloud.

One customer needed a solution in the area of retinopathy analysis, where our custom solution has helped accelerate the number of images processed per day, initially using the model as part of their validation process, and then rolling it out as the gateway to their analysis. Available for AWS, GCP and private clouds*

Voice to Text Integration

AWS and GCP’s voice to text services allows customers to accurately convert customer support voice conversations to text regardless of the language. This allows for analysis of customer voice calls for quality, using text-based AI techniques instead of the current typical voice based approach. Another key metric for analysis of customer calls is the time spent in answering and when combined with the content analysis, provides insights that can improve customer support quality.

Bolt has combined the AWS/GCP voice to text services with the proprietary time series models and Lucidworks’s Fusion text analysis to provide the most comprehensive searchable voice call analytics.

Available only in the cloud GCP, AWS.